New State Here Too

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

This must have been the morning for hearing new states in OK. I
lucked into a new one myself and unusually late in the morning. I'm
amazed at how far into the morning we're hearing distant stations

720, KDWN, Las Vegas, NV, 1439-1450 UTC, 11/30. Discussion between a
M and W. Caught an ID by a M ancr at 1446. Very weak but in the
clear. State #31.

Also logged 4 other new stations in KS, AR and MO during the lcl
morning hours.

Joseph Miller, you're doing great up there. You'll be getting station
#100 before ya know it! And JB, you got me listening to also! That's some dandy good music there.

Yes, I agree that the GY awards are a great idea. I like Robert's
idea of the tombstone type graphic.

73's Everyone,
Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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