Puyallup, WA Ultralight TP's for 10-7

Gary DeBock

Hello All,

Like Dennis, I thought that this morning's TP signals were close to
their seasonal high, although the results here were more slanted toward
Chinese stations, and the Asian mainland (which is typical for this
location). CNR1-639 (synchros) and 738-BEL2 (Taiwan Fisheries) both had
their best signals of the season, and 936-Anhui had good audio at
times. A big surprise was 657-Pyongyang with a clean, sine-wave carrier
(although the programming was still obnoxious). 738-Taiwan's signal was
strong this morning, but with undermodulated audio, and a throbbing
hum. Longwave TP's were modest, with the stronger Radio Rossii outlets
at fair levels and 164-Mongolia producing threshold audio.

164-Mongolia Very weak female-voiced news after 1300, // 4895 kHz
189-R. Rossii Fair with Russian speech at 1304
234-R.Rossii Poor-fair with Russian at 1307
279-R.Rossii Fair with music at 1255
558-HLQH Daegu, S. Korea Fair w/ music at 1333, apparently // with 603
594-JOAK Tokyo, Japan Very strong with Japanese weather report at
1358 http://www.mediafire.com/?zy2s930pynp3ebx
603-HLSA Namyang, S. Korea Fair at times with music around 1345
639-CNR1 China (synchros) Best signals of season with male-female
voice news 1400
657-Pyongyang Clean signal but typical male/female tirades around 1343
738-BEL2 Penghu, Taiwan Strong, undermodulated signal with throbbing
hum all morning
747-JOIB Sapporo, Japan Very strong with Japanese music at 1354
774-JOUB Akita, Japan Fair through KTTH splatter around 1336
828-JOBB Osaka, Japan Good with Japanese music program 1350
936- Anhui, China Good at times with Chinese conversation around 1345
972-HLCA Dangjin, S. Korea Good with Korean conversation at 1351
1044-CRI Fair-good foreign language program at 1331
1053-Korean Jammer Strong with buzzing signal 1329
1134-KBS Hwaseong, S. Korea Good Korean conversation at 1407
1566-HLAZ Jeju, S. Korea Very good w/ Japanese religious pgm 1325
1575-VOA Ban Rassom, Thailand Poor-fair in Asiatic language 1327

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
Tecsun PL-380 Ultralight + 8" Longwave and Medium Wave FSL's

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