New Stations for September


Reception has been good this past month. There have been many openings in the 500 mile range and this has allowed me to add quite a few new regional stations. I have been rotating the BOG about 30 degrees every week or so and that gave me new stations each time. Also, with the occasional distant surprise station I have a feeling this should be a very good season.

To catch up, below are my loggings since my last report:
The radios used are 3 PL-380's and a PL-310. Each is connected to a portable audio recorder. The Total Recorder is also used to make recordings during the early AM. The antennas are a 500 foot BOG with the output split to two 380's, a 7.5 inch ferrite and a crate loop respectively. All station ID's were recorded and saved as MP3's. The times are CDST.

On 8/30/11: Reception average and noisy.

1240 khz. WTAX Springfield, IL. 0600am. "1240 AM 107.5 FM news-radio WTAX Springfield." Lucky to catch this one but I always have at least one radio tuned to a GY frequency for just that unexpected TOH ID to rise out of the jumble.

9/1/11: Reception better but mostly only relogs of regional stations. Two new ones though.

790 khz. WPIC Sharon, PA. 2000pm. "…news leader – news-talk 790 WPIC Sharon/ (?). A Cumulus media station. " Then into ABC news. (RX#1)

960 khz. WHAK Rogers City, MI. 2009pm. I caught the end of a football game. "Tune in next time for more exciting Alcona Tigers on Thunder Country. WWTH FM Oscoda, WHAK AM Rogers City." (RX#3)

9/7/11: Reception continues to improve as the lower part of the band opens up.

660 khz. KCRO Omaha, NE. 0600am. "KCRO Omaha. This is Christian talk."

690 khz. WELD Fisher, WV. 2000pm. First a Beach Boys song then "Classic hits WELD AM690 Fisher, your local station."

9/8/11: Good early morning but dies off and then nothing for days.

1400 khz. KVFD Fort Dodge, IA. 0300am. "Your home for Lou Dobs, 8 to 11 on the voice of Fort Dodge, 1400 KVFD Fort Dodge. Here's the latest from ABC news."

9/13/11: Finally an opening.

1270 khz. WXYT. Detroit, MI. 0400am. Don't know how I missed this one till now. "On the news talk radio 1270 WXYT." Then repeats again – "On the news talk radio 1270 WXYT" Then singing "1270 WXYT."

1230 khz. WJOB Hammond, IN. 0800am. "This is (?). You are listening to AM 1230 Hammond Indiana."

9/14/11: Many relogs coming from the south.

1260 khz. WYDE, Birmingham, AL. 0600am. Not much heard except the quick rise in signal at the TOH. "WYDE
Birmingham." Then fades into jumble.

1320 khz. WMSR, Manchester, TN. 0602am. First CBS news then "…next on WMRS Manchester." (RX#2)

9/15/11: Yesterday's opening closed. Not a good day.

1280 khz. KYRO, Potosi, MI. 0600am. "AM 1280 KYRO Potosi."

1410 khz. KGRN, Grinnell, IA. 0605am. Again, right place, right time as the ID rises from nothing. "1410 KGRN, Grinnell." (RX#3)

9/16/11: Noisy band today.

940 khz. WECO, Wartburg, TN. 0600am. First religious music, then "AM 940 WECO."

9/19/11: After three days of nothing finally an opening. The GY stations are unusually clear but short lived today.

1060 khz. WMCL, Mc Leansboro, IL. 1900pm. "You're listening to WMCL AM 1060 Mc Leansboro." Then CBS news. (RX#3)

1230 khz. WMPC, Lapeer, MI. 1900pm. "Since 1926, 1230 on the AM dial, this is WMPC Lapeer MI. It's 8 o'clcok." (RX#1)

1340 khz. WAGN, Menominee MI. 1900pm. "1340 WAGN Menominee/Marinette." (RX#2)

9/20/11: Conditions improving, good sunset reception.

1400 khz. WRDB. Reedsburg, WI. 0300am. "Good morning everyone. This is WRDB." A great catch by the Total Recorder.

1530 khz. WYGR Wyoming, MI. 1900pm. I missed this on the first review of the recording, but on replay I heard Wyoming which caught my ear. After heavy Audition processing I was able to hear under WCKY, when the WCKY announcer had a vocal pause – "The pulse of the city, WYGR 1530 Wyoming." Unfortunately not from the state of Wyoming but the city in MI. Still, a keeper.

The rest of the month's loggings will be coming tomorrow.

My totals are now at 712 stations, 40 states, 6 provinces, 4 countries and 46 graveyard.

Ed Semrad
Lake Villa, IL

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