Re: The next wave of radios coming from Tecsun?

Kevin Schanilec

I don't see the icon which indicates variable bandwidth, so it appears this may only have the single 3 khz (per sideband) filtering of the PL-300WT and PL-360?

Kevin S

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Interesting but from the inside photo, it looks like it may have the same small ferrite antenna that the PL380 has. Wonder how it performs on the MW band.


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Functionally it's the same as PL-606.
And of course w/o direct freq input
I have only one question - which revision of Si4734 used.
All previous DSP radios from Tecsun used old B20 :(
I want to see D60 with better specs

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Great info. Nice compact radio, but it looks like it does not have a Keypad for direct frequency access? 

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