Re: Another One From the Graveyard and a Modest Proposal


Hey all:

Like Gary et al, I think a GY category would be a great idea!

It also presents perhaps one of the few ooportunities to use some sort of
handicapping system. As Gary mentioned, there are fewer GY stations for
us Westerners to hear within a 1,000 or so mile radius. There are a
little over 200 such stations within a 1000 mile radius of me. If I got
50 of those, not only would I be pleased as punch, but it would be in the
same category as someone elsewhere in the country hearing 100 if there
were 400 within 1,000 miles.

So, maybe "Hearing 25% of the GY stations within 1,000 miles" could be a
target/award to pursue?

(I picked 1,000 miles arbitrarily - my longest distance for a GY station
is currently 742 miles.)

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

John C., John B. and the Group,

Graveyard DXing is kind of a "final frontier" of domestic DX
so as long as the Awards Committee could handle the extra administrative
I agree with John Cereghin that more recognition should be given for
outstanding accomplishments in this area. The "300 in 30 days" DXers
seem to
gravitate to the Graveyard after successfully meeting the challenge (no
morbid pun
intended), since these frequencies typically provide the most productive
source of new DX loggings. In addition, there certainly is a major
involved in attempting to sort out multiple ghostly signals in hopes of
an elusive ID, or identity clue. Logging distant Graveyarders is an extra
challenge, on top of the already formidable task of sorting the local
maze of
ghostly signals.

This type of competition would also possibly spur experimentation on
more directional antennas, and other technical innovations. From the
beginning, the theme of Ultralight DXing has always been taking on huge
with very simple receivers, and relying on personal skill and
determination to
make fantastic receptions. I agree with John C. that Graveyard DXing is a
special challenge, which needs to be specially recognized and awarded.
Graveyard stations logged would be an outstanding accomplishment, perhaps
formidable (in effort required) to the Master TP, or Master TA DXer
It would also be great to have a major Ultralight DXing challenge
for everybody on the North American continent, even those with little
hope of
chasing TP's or TA's. It sounds like a super idea, although with my west
coast location the Graveyard has little life to offer :>).

73, Gary
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