Re: SRF-59 showcased in season opener of House

Peter 1956

My SRF-59 is stereo.

I'm also wondering how you watch "House" on a PL-310 !

Shenzhen, China

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I saw that too. Good (though not stereo) radio, good program, good actor/director. I was surprised it wasn't a transparent institutional version, though.

OT mode on >>> Hugh Laurie seems to put a lot of himself into the House character -- guitars all over the old apartment, upright piano, rips to MP3 players, obsession with the blues and N'Awlins and SOTA turntables acknowledged in the credits. And now a bluesy album with Sir Tom Jones, done in NO and previewed on PBS <<OT mode off

I watch House on my PL-310.

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Anyone happening to be watching the season opener of House? He's in prison,
waiting for his parole in 5 days. One of the other convicts says he wants
House's "stereo and headphones" which turns out to be a Sony SRF-59. The
little wonder radio has made it to the big time!

Tony, N4RNI
Traverse City, MI

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