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Thanks... I've been chasing WDHP since late 2006. In the last few years, WDCD (ex-WWLV) has been playing similar more-American-type young adult mix. They also have a // 93FM, and the only way I was certain I had WDHP was the two call signs heard. Turning the radio more E-W did reveal WDND, with a different singer and different *mix*. Complicating matters is that both stations have been known to run Day Pwr at nite.

There is also Spanish (Cuban?) here. This might be WDHP playing Carribbean flavor, or Don Fido playing some *Entertainment* on R. Rebelde. haven't heard *typical Rebelde* here, yet.

Paul S. in CT

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Hi Paul,

Congratulations on hearing WDHP!! That's a great catch. I heard them once while I lived in the Houston area, but here in Okieland, they're one tough station to hear. I'd almost forgotten about the X band...been a long time since I even tuned that high on the band.

Keep up the great DX!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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