Re: A new old cool ultralight radio

Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

Yes; I think comparing older analog radios with those with more modern circuitry such as DSP is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. I have a couple of Superadio II's and a Superadio I. I can't think of the last time I used either one.

I just pulled out my trusty Realistic 12-655 TRF; no slouch. The Sony is about the same. I think using a graveyard frequency is good because the signal levels are fairly steady. At least 1230 is here on the West Coast. I just compared it to another good one; the Kaito KA-1103. The Sony is slightly more sensitive. That Kaito is a real sleeper. Nick Hall-Patch reviewed it for IRCA a number of years ago and was impressed.

73 de WB6TNB

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I just bought a Tecsun PL-390, the dual speaker model. I've been
impressed in several ways. It has an amazing list of features for a
~$70 radio.

All the bands seem clean of birdies and other IM mischief. It has 5 AM
bandwidths and good selectivity. It tunes in several ways, has tons of
memory, and I've read it corrects a more aggressive auto-mute on
slightly earlier Tecsun models. And a lot more.

Downsides? All the above, and it's still not quite as sensitive as a
Superadio II, though that may not be a fair comparison. I use a
Grundig AN-200 loop with it, which sometimes boosts the signal quite a
bit. I got the dual speaker model because it's supposed to have bigger
antennas (than the PL-310 or 380, for instance).



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