Re: Morning Loggings: One Totally New State

Guy Atkins

Hi Rob,
I also like Cajun a lot, and thanks to John have discovered KROF as a replacement for a Internet stream that disappeared from my Grace Digital wi-fi radio. I figured out the actual audio stream URL for KROF, and through have added it as one of the "My Streams" entries for my account. Now I can listen to Cajun again on the wi-fi radio! I find it more satisfying to listen to Webcasts, podcasts, streaming audio, etc. from a "receiver" rather than a computer.
KROF is playing some great Southern Gospel now, on this Sunday afternoon.

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MANY THANKS for sending the Link to this stations' Live Webcast!! I am a
BIG FAN of CAJUN well as other Early Roots Music like
Rockabilly, Hillbilly, Blues, R&B and Doo Finding a Live Webcast
of Died in the Wool Cajun Music is a Goldmine!! I have made an Icon for
this website and put it on my Desktop...This will be playing in the
Background a lot here while I do computer work!! It's playing right now
with some great Cajun Fiddle Instrumentals!! This is GREAT John!!!
Hey...Maybe I can try to hear this one DIRECT!!! they're into a
Cajun French Ballad...a Real Tearjerker.....I feel like I'm sitting in a
swamp...with a foot of snow on the ground!! HHAHHA...


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