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Thanks much for sharing, John. Your approach to logging is really interesting. Hope you don't mind if I plagiarize some of it!
Regards, Tony

Anthony R Gargano

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Re: Logging Question From: kugellagers

Re: Logging Question

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I also use excel to log all my DX.

Take a look at the link below to my logs in the WTFDA forum to get an idea of how mine are set up.

I also create a Google Earth kmz file for everything I log. If you go to the second page in the above link you can see my log from a recent trip to Michigan to get an idea of how it looks. i have my full logs from my home qth done the same way. You can compare the excel version of the Michigan log to its GE kmz.



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> Wondering what most are using for logging. A logging program? If so, which? A simple homemade spreadsheet? If so, what does your entries layout look like?
> Thanks, Tony
> Anthony R Gargano
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