Re: For Those of You Without Outdoor Antennas: indoor slinky "flag"

Guy Atkins

David Hamilton indeed uses a slinky on the bottom (horizontal) can see the slinky spiral coils going across the floor. He also mentioned his antenna is made from two slinkys, so each one is a right angle, opposing arrangement.
Also take a listen to his comparison of audio between this antenna and another one on his property:  The slinky "flag" is very directional!
I could fit one of these into the dense greenbelt behind our house as a companion to my NW Conti loop and the rotating ALA100. Toys R Us, here we come...
Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA USA

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The Aussie (mwoz) group just moved the following link to a great youtube video of David Hamilton's indoor slinky "Flag."

In our terminology, his antenna is not a classic flag (that has termination and feed locations half-way up the verticals) but rather a Conti Super Loop, since the termination and feed point are at the lower corners. 

In any case, the use of Slinkies gets more wire in a restricted location and has been around for many years.  This is the first Slinky loop that I've seen, though, and very interesting. He used Slinkies on both verticals and on the upper horizontal. The lower horizontal is a straight wire. Classically, to get the upper and lower sides electrically equal, they both oughta either be straight wire or both be Slinky material.  HOWEVER, his antenna appears to work GREAT.

It is an excellent video and should be of interest to any of you with restricted ability to hang wire outside.  It could be hooked to a ULR either with an inductive pick-up loop around the internal ferrite bar or by using a Slider with a coil for external antennas.

John B.
Stillwater, OK, USA
Rcvrs: Hotrodded NRD-535, Slider e100's
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