Newfoundland Ultralight Radio Trans-Atlantics & Domestics Report Sep 29

Allen Willie

Hello To All,

With the current topsy turvy atmospheric indices , propagation has been a long way from ideal at times lately at this location . Some early mornings have shown poor results while some evenings tend to be improving since the last solar disturbance occured .
Here are some recent logs, with the Spanish stations dominant last evening

684-SPAIN-Radio Nacional 1, Sevilla 23:50UT/28 Spanish tak by man & woman
810-SPAIN-SER Madrid, Ctra Carabanchel 23:32UT/27 news in Spanish (mixing with BBC Scotland
882-SPAIN-COPE various 4:20UT/29 Spanish talk
900-ITALY-RAI1 Milano, 4:10UT/29 Italian talk, ID, promos
909-ENGLAND-BBC 5 Live Moorside Edge 23:47UT/28 various talk (Very Good)
918-SPAIN-R. Intercontinental, Ctra Humera 4:21UT/29 news in Spanish
954-SPAIN-Onda Cero Radio, Ctra Humera 4:22UT/29 Spanish talk , ment. Espana
963-TUNISIA-R. Tunisia Cultural, Tunis 23:34UT/27 woman in Arabic (good)
981-PORTUGAL-R. Sim various 4:22UT/29 two men in Portugeuse
990-SPAIN-SER various 4:12UT/29 Spanish talk, oldies music feature
1053-LIBYA-Libya TV Audio, Tripoli 23:37UT/28 Arabic talk (this one has covered up England completely the last two evenings)
1062-ITALY-RAI1 Cagliari 4:02UT/29 news in Italian, ID
1080-SPAIN-SER various 4:24UT/29 woman in Spanish //1044
1089-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio, Brookmans Park 23:52UT/28 Football talk (Very Strong)
1107-SPAIN-R. Nacional various 00:20UT/28 Spanish talk by man //1125
1116-SPAIN-SER Pontevedra 00:20UT/28 Spanish teletalk //1179
1134-SPAIN-COPE various 4:02UT/29 news in Spanish
1224-SPAIN-COPE Albecete 23:15UT/28 Spanish talk about Mallorca (Very Strong)
1242-FRANCE-France Info Marseille Cabries-Realtor 23:15UT/28 French talk (good)
1314-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-R. Farda, Al-Dhabbiya 23:17UT/28 Arabic music, R. Farda ID
1377-FRANCE-France Info Lille-Camphin-en-Carembault 23:17UT/28 French talk & news (Very Strong)
1386-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao 23:46UT/28 man & woman in Basque talk (good)
1413-SPAIN-R. Nacional, Jaen 23:17UT/28 Spanish talk about Barcelona (good)
1422-GERMANY-Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler 00:22UT/29 Classical music, German talk (good)
1431-DJIBOUTI-R. Sawa , Arta 23:18UT/28 news in Arabic
1440-LUXEMBOURG-China Radio Relay, Marnach 23:45UT/28 English program, Chinese stories (Very Good)
1449-LIBYA-Voice of Africa, Tripoli 23:19UT/28 Arabic talk by man & woman ( Like A Local)
1485-SPAIN-SER Santander 23:19UT/28 Spanish talk & promos
1521-SAUDI RABIA-BSKSA Duba 23:20UT/28 Arabic singing & chants (Very Strong)
1548-ENGLAND-BBC Bristol. Mangotsfield 1:01UT/29 news in English( mixing with Kuwait)
1557-FRANCE-France Info, Nice-Fontbonne 23:21UT/28 Broadway music,French talk
1575-ITALY-RAI1 Genova 21:58UT/28 Italian commentary by man
1584-SPAIN-SER R. Orense 22:02UT/28 Spanish talk
1602-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia, R. Vitoria , Cerro Estibaliz 1:03UT/29 Jingle ID in Spanish


Sony SRF-M37V, SRF-M37W, SRF-59, SRF-39FP,
Sangean DT-210V
Barefoot Mode

Good DX

Allen Willie & Dianne Froude
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland
47:43N 53:11W

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