New XE Logged This Morning


Hi everyone,

Yet again, tips from Richard Allen helped me bag one new XE station this morning. He's been hearing this one for a while now, but for some reason it's eluded me until now. This was the only freq I listened to after work this morning. Logged this on the Eton E-100 Slider w/ SAT.

920, XEHQ, Hermosillo, Sonora, 1134-1230 UTC, 9/29/11, playing many back to back vcl mx selections with no breaks in between. A wide variety of songs were hrd including pops, bandera, and musica romantica. Finally at 1227 a woman announcer was hrd w/ a clear "R. Capital" ID! A G sig from 1215-1230. During this time IDs were also noted from XEQD (Chihuahua) and XECQ (Sinaloa). Sta #810, LAm #172-

At one point this morning I had at least 4 different XE stations audible on this channel. I hrd the Himno Nacional from a station at 1215 and from another one at 1213.

73 from Okieland.

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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