Re: 4 foot homebrew loop

Carl DeWhitt

This is 4 feet across and about 7 high from the bottom of the base to the top of the loop.

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While at the Ten-Tec Factory Hamfest in Sevierville,TN ,I purchased a homebrew loop from Chuck Roswell,K2MGL of Georgia for $20.The loop does not cover the entire band but does cover over 50%.He says it can be modified for the whole band.It consists of a wooden pole which fits into a wooden turntable type base.It has 8 wooden bars radiating out from the wooden square center piece.The receiving element consists of 4 loops of coaxial cable.There is a metal box at the base of the loop elements with a variable tuning capacitor inside the metal box and a small tuning knob on top of the box.The loop tunes 995-1760 kHz.Chuck,K2MGL made the loop himself.He told me he used to work for Trans World Radio from both Bonaire,Netherlands Antilles and from Monaco.While with the Bonaire station he says he helped maintain the 500kw mw transmitter there.
You can look him up on the call sign search box to read his story.

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