Re: new ULR catch tonight!

Carl DeWhitt

I logged this station tonight 9/28/2011.I believe this is a new one for me.Here are the details:
WTAB 1370 Tabor City,N.C. 2205-2210 EDT good signal on tune in fading to poor.Country Music ,WTAB i.d. followed by more country.Not bad for 109 watts. Heard on Eton E-100 and homebrew 4 foot loop.
Carl DeWhitt, KI5SF

--- In ultralightdx@..., "Tim" <kd8gz@...> wrote:

Just about ready to go to bed...but, plugged in the headphones into the SRF T615...picked up a new ULR logging:

1370 WTAB Tabor City, N.C. at 10:16pm EDT,9-25-11; "hometown radio"....CnW music. Station is licensed for 109 watts nights, non-directional.

Also heard oldies on frequency....a Barry White sign of WSPD Toledo. Couldn't stick around to try to figure out who the oldies was.

Still, one new ULR catch: cool!

Tim, KD8GZ
near Akron, Ohio

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