The eve of a major breakthrough


Just a few words to tell you that I am on the edge of a major breakthrough in Ultralight DXing as the X-band is now alive almost every day at sunrise.
My record distance is still 5,983 km with WWKB-1520 Buffalo, New York but again this morning there was a flutter with the DSP bravely trying to root out WCNZ-1660, Marco Island, FL.
I know that this is going to happen, it's a matter of days.
Monday morning, I was on the heavy gear, listening to WPLA-1670 "Fox Sports 16-70" from Dry Branch,GA, and I did not have the time to check with the PL-380 but I'm sure it must have been audible on it.
So expect a mail about that major break thru any day now !!
238 stations logged, getting closer to 242 (Gold-2 diploma)

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