585-2WEB Verification Letter (and goodies)

Gary DeBock

Hello All,

Received from Production Director (and Breakfast Announcer) David Sharp
was a very welcome verification letter (and two bumper stickers) from
585-2WEB, a 10 kw station in Bourke, Australia. This DU station was
received on August 15th at the "Rockwork" ocean viewpoint cliff at Cape
Falcon on the NW Oregon coast, with a PL-380 Ultralight radio and new
8" diameter FSL antenna. To my knowledge, it was the first reception of
2WEB on Ultralight radios in North America (John Bryant and I never had
a trace of it during joint DXpeditions at Grayalnd, WA).

David mentioned that mine was the first report that he has received
from the USA during the 12 years that he's worked there, and that the
only other report that 2WEB has received from North America during that
time was one from Alberta (maybe Nigel?). Unlike many other stations
2WEB and David (an avid DXer who once lived in Florida) seem very
motivated to promptly answer reception reports, so those who have heard
their music programs (classic rock, soft rock, country, etc.) shouldn't
hesitate to report reception. David also keeps close records of each
song played, so it was easy for him to confirm my reception both last
month, and in July of last year (at Seaside, OR). By an amazing
coincidence, he is also a current member of our Ultralightdx Yahoo

Thanks again to Chuck and Bruce, who listened to MP3's of both of these
receptions, and suggested the identity of the station (which was right
on, even back in July of last year).

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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