ULR DX........LONGWAVE BEACONS logged in Branson, MISSOURI........

robert ross

Hi Guys:

We're on Vacation in Branson, MISSOURI...and I brought a few ULRs along to do a little DXing after everyone has gone to bed!! Last night was the first night I was able to stay awake long enough to actually turn on the radio and do any DXing!!|

Not sure if these Beacons are actually DX as far as difficulty goes....as I'm not familiar with normal conditions here .........but these are all NEWLY Heard for me as it's my first visit to this area. Of course they won't count for my Home Logbook...but maybe they will be something others can hear from their location???

The Condo we're staying in is a little Noisy RF wise...but I was still able to log a few beacons before crashing out!!

RADIO USED is.......TECSUN PL-380 with Debock Frankensteiner 7.5 Inch Longwave External Loop

73....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA
(But in Branson, MISSOURI @ Present)

512 HMY Lexington, OK Sept/27 0517 UTC 25 Watts

263 RO Rogers, AR Sept/27 0520 UTC

314 GGU Prague, OK Sept/27 0523 UTC 25 Watts

349 GW Greenwood, MS Sept/27 0525 UTC

350 RG Okla City, OK Sept/27 0524 UTC

353 LI Little Rock, AR Sept/27 0525 UTC 400 Watts

356 LLU Lamar, MO Sept/27 0530 UTC

370 OUN Norman, OK Sept/27 0533 UTC

375 DW Tulsa, OK Sept/27 0535 UTC 20 Watts

379 FSK Ft. Scott, KS Sept/27 0537 UTC 25 Watts

385 HO Hot Springs, AR Sept/27 0539 UTC

395 HR Harrison, AR Sept/27 0541 UTC


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