Re: WDHP heard this AM in CT


I had to get away from the computer to listen. Nothing on 1620 but noise on the PL 310 or ICF-SW7600G, but the ICF-704 can hear two competing stations. The stronger one has ads from Serious Satellite, Neflix and the National Guard, so I doubt it is in the VI. A long string of ads at the top of the 10 PM hour, but no ID. Now they have a talk show about the speed of light, Einstein's theory etc. I don't recognize the hosts voice at all. It could be a serious science program, it did not sound like George Noory's sort of science, at least not yet.

In the back round I have a music station, but I can't make out any words.

I used the terk on the '7600 to show a peak at 1620, and tuned the analog '704 to the same peak. It gets more stations without the TERK near it. [too bad it is not a ULR]

Anyone recognize the talk show station on 1620?


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I was tuning the PL-210 around in the X-Band this morning just after midnight. Nice reception of modern dance-mix/young adult rythmic on 1620. Heard many mentions of "the New 93" (presumed FM).This signal was quite good and strong with best reception NNW/SSE. Though it faded occasionally, the RX was heard for 3 hours. I got two ID's at 0203 EDT and 0255EDT, as "1620 WDHP" and "WDHP". A look-up on FM for the USVI does indicate a recent (2010) public radio licsense for 93.3 MHz.

After the first ID, I put the PL-200 on it, and RX was indeed quite good, especially outdoors 20 feet from the house (the signal was first heard, and ID'd indoors).

WDHP has never been heard here before, and I though entered as night-power, the clarity and strength seem to indicate 10kW daytime.

New England/NY/NJ listeners might want to try for this tonight after 9-10PM EDT.

1620 WDHP Frederiksted, USVI 10kW/1kW 2749km (1708 mi) good signal occ. fade 0203 and 0255 EDT ID. Parallel to 93.3 FM w/ID. SINPO 43343.5 using Tecsun PL210 then PL-200. Barefoot ID also noted. WDHP is station #507 ranked 9th by distance and 5th by scoring method.

Paul S. in CT

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