Re: Morning Loggings: One Totally New State

robert ross

At 12:42 PM 11/30/2008, John Bryant:

When I was DXing here as a kid
(1953-1960), the one Western state that I could NOT get was North
Dakota. They are rather easier now, but this is still my first
one! Really pleased.

John...Congrats on the New State ....North Dakota....after all those years,
The ULR finally hauls it in!! Gotta Love it!!

I also listened for a while to what is rapidly becoming a favorite
station, KROF-960 in the null of our semi-local in Enid. KROF, "The
Gator!" is in Abbeville, southwestern Louisiana and has been coming
in both morning and evening. The format is mostly Classic Cajun with
a few Classic 50s rock thrown in... They are REALLY authentic and
stream on the web at What fun!!!

MANY THANKS for sending the Link to this stations' Live Webcast!! I am a
BIG FAN of CAJUN well as other Early Roots Music like
Rockabilly, Hillbilly, Blues, R&B and Doo Finding a Live Webcast
of Died in the Wool Cajun Music is a Goldmine!! I have made an Icon for
this website and put it on my Desktop...This will be playing in the
Background a lot here while I do computer work!! It's playing right now
with some great Cajun Fiddle Instrumentals!! This is GREAT John!!!
Hey...Maybe I can try to hear this one DIRECT!!! they're into a
Cajun French Ballad...a Real Tearjerker.....I feel like I'm sitting in a
swamp...with a foot of snow on the ground!! HHAHHA...


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