Re: Another One From the Graveyard and a Modest Proposal

Carl DeWhitt

I like the idea of a total GY stations heard award.Perhaps it would
encourage more of us to do more GY dxing.
Carl DeWhitt

In ultralightdx@..., Joseph Miller <radiodxer2000@...>

Maybe something we can look at is...a "TOTAL GY
What does everyone think about that?? Maybe we can get some
input from the
UL Members...and then the Committee can talk about
implementing an award if
its warranted??!!
I think that is a fantastic idea. Even though I live close to a
major city, and have local stations on half of the GY channels, I
consider it a real treat to hear anything different. But if the
committee doesn't feel overwhelmed with the certficates and awards, I
like the idea very much.

73 de Joe Miller, Troy, MI

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