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robert ross

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We already have GY distance Records and I was very underwhelmed by the
response to such (the Unlimited one went 6 months after announcement
without anyone even submitting a logging and the Barefoot has had only
two/three submissions, mostly from Allen Willie.)

We might add one or two Awards to gage interest. What would you suggest???

John B.

Hi Folks:

I think one of the problems with the Graveyard Distance Records, is
that in general...most Graveyard Receptions are rather short Distances,
there are exceptions of course. A 500 Mile GY Reception is pretty
good....but in the scope of the worldwide DX we've been hearing...a lot of
DX'ers wouldn't even report that as a Possible Distance Record. Even a 1000
Mile reception seems pale compared to the TP and TA stuff everyone is
hearing!! I have logged a pile of GY'ers with the Ultralights....but none
of them have been at a great distance. Allen Willie and Kirk Allen have
heard a few Good ones lately..and I believe they have been reported and
recorded in the records. Maybe we should make a concerted effort to monitor
the GY Freqs a little better...and see if we can't get some new records
recorded!! I'm a firm believer that if you spend time at the dials on
certain frequencies..the stations will come. You just have to be there at
the right time!!

Maybe something we can look at is...a "TOTAL GY STATIONS HEARD" Award????
What does everyone think about that?? Maybe we can get some input from the
UL Members...and then the Committee can talk about implementing an award if
its warranted??!!

Maybe John can design a Nice certificate with a TOMBSTONE on it
!!HAHHAHHA...Just an Idea!!!! I don't think adding this award would be a
Burden to me as far as checking Logs....It may add some work to John's Busy
Schedule.....but I think it may be something we can look at. John and
Gary....what do you think?? More importantly...let's hear from the
membership!!! It's you guys this whole Awards Program was intended
let us know if a Graveyard Award is something that you would like to see!!

We all ears......


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