Re: Need Help with a PL-600 and MTM Loop

Jay <jaypolicow@...>

I have received many emails from people whose MTM loopa didn't work after they completed them, and in every case it was due to the fact that the wire is enameled and the enamel insulation has to be scraped or sanded off beofre the ends are soldered to the tuning gang. Many people miss's really the most likely thing that can cause it not to work.


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The only thing that would make it "not" work I would think would be a solder joint that's not right. Maybe try a really crappy radio also, it might show it's working better. Really though, a solder joint thats not right should be the only thing that could be wrong.

Ginger OKC

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I just finished an MTM Loop today and have tried it with my PL-600. However, I hear no improvement. I have placed the radio within the loop, pointed the long side of the radio at the center of the loop, and had the two antennae in a collinear fashion. Tuning the cap shows no improvement in the signal or distinct peak.

What could I be doing wrong? I verified the solder connection to the capacitor thinking it may not be a sound join.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You

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