Re: Need Help with a PL-600 and MTM Loop


Actually, there is one other thing I can think of that would make
the loop inoperative. Check with an ohmmeter to see if the rotor
and stator might be shorted. A capacitor that's shorted isn't
going to allow resonance so, no discernible peaking. Remember to
unsolder one side of the loop when you check or you will be reading a short through it.


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The only thing that would make it "not" work I would think would be a solder joint that's not right. Maybe try a really crappy radio also, it might show it's working better. Really though, a solder joint thats not right should be the only thing that could be wrong.

Ginger OKC

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I just finished an MTM Loop today and have tried it with my PL-600. However, I hear no improvement. I have placed the radio within the loop, pointed the long side of the radio at the center of the loop, and had the two antennae in a collinear fashion. Tuning the cap shows no improvement in the signal or distinct peak.

What could I be doing wrong? I verified the solder connection to the capacitor thinking it may not be a sound join.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You

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