XESDD Active Again on 920


Hi Gang,

This morning held a nice DX surprise here. This station has reportedly been inactive on 920 for 2 or 3 years, but this morning's reception proved that to be no longer the case. Logged this on the E-100 Slider plus my cheater Select-a-Tenna.

920, XESDD, Ensenada, BCN, 1140 UTC, 9/16/11, mostly all talk with a few very brief musical interludes. A full ID was hrd at 1200, "XESDD, La Tremenda en 10-30 AM." There were no mentions of 9-20. They're also now using a slogan that I think might be new, "La Voz de la Noche, la Super Estacion." Lcl ads with many mentions of Baja California and Ensenada. Right now in Oklahoma, the XE stations are peaking very close to 1200 which is fun...it sure increases the chances of hearing IDs. ULR Sta #807, and because of faulty record keeping, I discovered this was LAm sta #171 from Okie-Land.

73 from Okie-Land

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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