Re: Tecsun/si4734 tuning range.

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

Thanks, Jerry. As suspected. I´ve tinkered with OE settings
and find that if I set OE to text-only, it seems to read
yaboo-incoming (sic!) as normal.


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From: Jerry Popiel

Michael, it was one of those forced on you type of Upgrade / changes
which is a complete step backwards instead of an improvement
its NOT. Not sure what I can do to improve things.

From: Michael

Jerry, are you using a new version of yahoo mail?
Just recently, on opening your postings in Outlook Express,
there is a blank space at the top, which only reveals text when I left-click
over it. The quoted text from Eberhard was there as normal, however.
I note the same effect from a email.

Anybody else observe this? Using which email client?

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