Hometown Catch

Kevin Schanilec

Hi all:

While staying up way too late last night working on a backpack version of an FSL, I was tuning up the prototype and tried out 600 khz, which can be almost empty here since the Vancouver, BC station went silent. On the barefoot Tecsun PL-210 it was empty, but with the FSL antenna what asserted itself over the graveyard-like murmuring was "broadcast pioneer... seventy years....JB" and into C&W music, followed by another "...JB" snippet a few minutes later. This slogan and call sign snippet was certainly KSJB in Jamestown, ND, which is not only a new one for the overall log from a difficult state and 1117 miles away, but also MY HOME TOWN!

Much has changed in the 29 (at least...) years since I was born there. I was there with my daughter about ten years ago for a family reunion, and drove through the town looking at landmarks good and long, since I knew that may have been the last time I was ever there. They have a very large buffalo statue near the freeway, which looked remarkably large when I left there at the tender age of 10 but rather unimposing as an adult.

At any rate, at 5kw and an omnidirectional pattern, I'm surprised it hasn't shown up sooner, but it was a nice surprise as the first catch on the new antenna. I hope to have the backpack FSL ready for its maiden voyage to the park, complete with portable stand, in a couple days once some Litz wire arrives.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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