Re: How to solder Litz wire?

Kevin Schanilec

"Modern" Litz wire doesn't need the solvent bath, and is often advertised as solderable, as with the wire from eBay sellers "zlowe7" and "mkmak222". The heat of the molten solder removes the coating on the individual wires, so no need for solvent. Since I am not an old hand at this, I only go for the solderable stuff.

After unwinding about 1/4" of the silk (nylon?) over-wrap, I take the soldering tip and heat the last 1/4" or so of wire for a second or two, pressing down to spread the wires out in a little fan and get 'em hot. Then, I apply solder to the wires, again pressing down to fan the wires out a bit and cover them all with solder. I then flip it over and get the back side, again fanning it out a bit and working the solder in. After re-shaping the ends of the wires into a little cylinder and letting it all cool, inspecting the ends hopefully shows a solid block of solder that extends about 1/4" into the wires.

Hope this helps - Kevin

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Sorry if this has been handled before...

What is the proper way to solder Litz wire? How to remove insulation of different tiny wires?

kari oh5yw

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