Re: Affordable (?) 7" Diameter FSL Design

Phil Pasteur

I replied oof list, but I thought that I would post here for the benefit of others. I called or visited about 15 stores in search of the Monster Funnnoodle. Every person told me that they closed out at clearance prices (usually a dollar per) all of their swimming noodles two to three weeks ago. I found all of the online sources selling single noodles also to be out of stock. I only found a couple that would sell cases of 20 noodles for about $80.00 shipped that had any stock.

If there is enough need on the list, perhaps I would buy a case and distribute them to those in need. Right now, that is far too many and too much money for me to consider to get a couple of half foot sections.

To Gary, per my email to you, just let me know how you whant to set it up and I would like to purchase a foot of noodle from you.

BTW, green is just fine


--- In, D1028Gary@... wrote:

Hi Phil,

Well, you are in luck (as long as you like the color green)!

I have enough "Funn" on hand for your two 7" FSL projects, assuming
that you wish to make them in the same "Affordable" design that was
described earlier. I recommend a 6" long section of the Funnoodle
floating tube, to use as an inner core of the "Affordable" FSL (with a
3/4" PVC pipe running through it, as a horizontal hanging frame
section). This provides an extra 2" or so of Funnoodle length to mount
the recommended "N50P" 381 pf variable capacitor

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