Re: Affordable (?) 7" Diameter FSL Design

Gary DeBock

Hi Jerry,

The "Affordable" 7" Medium Wave FSL design (posted at ) has always called for 64
of the Russian surplus 140mm x 8mm ferrite rods, and this design will
never change as long as the ferrite supply holds out (although the eBay
sellers listing these ferrite rods have noticed the increased demand,
and are trying to get a few more rubles for their rods and/ or their
shipping). When originally designed, the "Affordable" FSL could be
built for under $150 (U.S. dollars) including the high quality 660/46
Litz wire and "N50P" variable cap, but unfortunately the ferrite rod
prices are something beyond my control. The 7" FSL's weak signal DXing
performance has been tested against that of a full-sized 4' sided air
core tuned passive loop here, though (the August 2010 Oregon Beach
DXpedition portable antenna), and it proved superior in receiving four
AM fringe daytime DX stations (MP3's on request).

I'm sorry that I can't supply you with a complete "Funnoodle," Jerry,
but I should have enough of the material left for one or two of your
FSL projects. As for the Oatey 4 x 4 foam spacers and the 3" pipe
insulation, those are in constant supply throughout the USA, and it's
no problem to provide you with your required amounts.

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Gary, does the Affordable FSL still include those 140 mm size Ferrite
Rods, as I have some on order as per your recent posted picture since
the 160 mm Ferrite Rod size is no longer available? How many of the 140
mm Rods ie 64?

Also, if possible & still available, can I pay you for your costs &
postage for one of those Out of Season Funnoodles - (I've been to 4
stores up here and they are all no longer stocked for this year), as
well as 2 of the Oatey 4 x 4 Foam, and one of the 3 inch Pipe
Insulation? I have the 3/4 inch PVC Pipe, the NP 50 Capacitor, and the
660/46 Litz wire is on order.


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Hi Phil,

Well, you are in luck (as long as you like the color green)!

I have enough "Funn" on hand for your two 7" FSL projects, assuming
that you wish to make them in the same "Affordable" design that was
described earlier. I recommend a 6" long section of the Funnoodle
floating tube, to use as an inner core of the "Affordable" FSL (with a
3/4" PVC pipe running through it, as a horizontal hanging frame
section). This provides an extra 2" or so of Funnoodle length to mount
the recommended "N50P" 381 pf variable capacitor (from , with 8:1 vernier drive) as shown
the photo.

There seems to be a lot of interest in the "Affordable" 7" FSL design,
so I'll try to publish step-by-step construction procedures for it
soon. Glad to hear that you are considering a Longwave version of it--
an "Affordable" Longwave FSL is also one of the impending projects
(along with about 10 others :-) My latest Longwave-optimized FSL (an
8", 12-pound model) was completed just 4 days ago, and it has already
received 5 new NDB beacons for me. A design photo of the new LW
is posted at .

73, Gary

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Hello Gary,

I am striking out on finding the funnoodle monster. I checked with
about 8 Walmart and Target stores locally. They are all sold out
put them on clearance as the season for those types of products is

I understand that Ace hardware had them, I will call a couple of those
stores today, but I am not hopeful. Even Amazon lists them as not
currently available as do several other online sources.

Would you have enough material around that you could sell me enough
length to construct one or two of the 7” FSL antennas. I am think of
making a LW model as well.

I would be happy to pay what you think the material is worth,
and your time to do it.


Phil Pasteur

Well, I am striking out on finding the Funnoodle Monster swimming aid.
It seems that it is the wrong season to find them in my area. I called
no fewer than 8 local Walmart, Target, and Ace Hardware stores that
claim that they carry them. All were sold out and probably will not
any until next spring. Even Amazon lists them as not available.

I wrote Gary off list to see if he may have a length sufficient for a
couple of FSLs that he could sell me. I thought I would throw that out
to the list as well.

I would be happy to pay whatever the seller thingthe material is worht
plus shipping and something for the time required to get it done.
Please contact me off list.

Alternatively, If anyone knows where I could buy one of the Funnoodle
Monsters online, pleae let me know.

Thanks all,

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The "Funnoodle" floating tube (actually a swimming aide for kids) is
the inner core material used for all my FSL's, and provides the
combination of resilience and stiffness, even for very heavy FSL's
to 25 pounds). It has a convenient hole through the middle, to
fit a 3/4" diameter PVC pipe section for your FSL's horizontal
frame. A photo of the "Funnoodle" (and other FSL core materials) is
posted at

The "Funnoodle" flolating tube is available here locally at both
Walmart and Fred Meyer stores, and costs only about $4 for a 6-foot
long tube. That should be long enough for you to make about 15 FSL's
with it :-)

73, Gary

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