Re: Affordable (?) 7" Diameter FSL Design

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Check out a home improvement store for pipe insulation. One of the sizes (based on pipe diameter) is probably close to what you need.


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Well, I am striking out on finding the Funnoodle Monster swimming aid. It seems that it is the wrong season to find them in my area. I called no fewer than 8 local Walmart, Target, and Ace Hardware stores that claim that they carry them. All were sold out and probably will not get any until next spring. Even Amazon lists them as not available.

I wrote Gary off list to see if he may have a length sufficient for a couple of FSLs that he could sell me. I thought I would throw that out to the list as well.

I would be happy to pay whatever the seller thingthe material is worht plus shipping and something for the time required to get it done. Please contact me off list.

Alternatively, If anyone knows where I could buy one of the Funnoodle Monsters online, pleae let me know.

Thanks all,

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> Phil,
> The "Funnoodle" floating tube (actually a swimming aide for kids) is
> the inner core material used for all my FSL's, and provides the perfect
> combination of resilience and stiffness, even for very heavy FSL's (up
> to 25 pounds). It has a convenient hole through the middle, to exactly
> fit a 3/4" diameter PVC pipe section for your FSL's horizontal hanging
> frame. A photo of the "Funnoodle" (and other FSL core materials) is
> posted at
> The "Funnoodle" flolating tube is available here locally at both
> Walmart and Fred Meyer stores, and costs only about $4 for a 6-foot
> long tube. That should be long enough for you to make about 15 FSL's
> with it :-)
> 73, Gary

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