At the SiLab website, I thought I saw some sort of development board for $50 each. That might be very interesting for the experimenters here. As noted no LW or SYNCH/SSB, but I would like it with large control knobs. Not sure if the board would tune continuous on SW, but it might be easier if it had the SW meter bands instead anyway.

The fact that SiLabs is talking about it again in late Aug is promising, but they might mention it again in 6 months more and still no R-2010 models to buy. FARMERIK

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SiLab's datasheet for the new series "wheel tuned" DSP IC used in this
Tecsun radio has been available since about the first of the year. I don't
see anything on it that changes the AM or FM performance from the older
SiLab IC used in the current ULR DSP radios like the PL-380. And there is no
provision for LF reception. It seems to be optimized for low cost
mass-produced radios. And despite the nice "2010" name (remisniscent of the
good Sony 2010 receiver), there is no provision for an AM sync detector or

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Oops! Yes, I meant R-2010. There is data on the web, as you
link. I was wondering if it is available anywhere yet.
I wonder why they chose "2010" :-)

Michael UK

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And quite recently here-

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