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SiLab's datasheet for the new series "wheel tuned" DSP IC used in this Tecsun radio has been available since about the first of the year. I don't see anything on it that changes the AM or FM performance from the older SiLab IC used in the current ULR DSP radios like the PL-380. And there is no provision for LF reception. It seems to be optimized for low cost mass-produced radios. And despite the nice "2010" name (remisniscent of the good Sony 2010 receiver), there is no provision for an AM sync detector or SSB.

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Oops! Yes, I meant R-2010. There is data on the web, as you
link. I was wondering if it is available anywhere yet.
I wonder why they chose "2010" :-)

Michael UK

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And quite recently here-

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