My new ultralight

Peter 1956

Hi all,

Last night I bought a new ultralight here in Shenzhen. Strangely the local stores don't carry many ultralight models (or larger radios), given that they are made a short distance from here :)

I had previously seen the Tecsun R-9012 and Tecsun R-911 side-by-side in a branch of a local electronics/electrical chain store, the 9012 was actually a few dollars cheaper than the R911, so I thopught I'd buy it soon! Anyway I went to another branch last night that only had the R-911. I found a similar rival chain nearby, and the R-911 was cheaper, so I bought it from the latter store.

The radio has a nice feel, and does indeed live up to its nulling reputation! I did a quick check yesterday at around 22:30 local on my 26th floor balcony (MW is difficult inside my building, but surprisingly good on the balcony, despite there being many towers close by). I was able to null some quite strong signals on the R-911, but unfortunately nothing much gets through from outside China here :(

I did get 666 PHL DZRH Valenzuela/Malanday 50kW on the Tecsun R-911 (freq confirmed by Eton G8). Most of the time on 666kHz I get India, but PHL was dominating last night.

I am waiting for the Arctic to fall into winter darknesss so I can try and get North America via the Great Circle shortest path over the Arctic. My East-facing balcony sticks out from the building, so I can get a clear view to the North. The South/South east has hills in the way blocking DU.

I put a photo of my all of my current portable radios (Sangean ATS-909, Tecsun CR-1000, Eton G8, Tecsun R-911 and Sony SRF-59 -the latter three being ultralights) in the Photo section, but for some reason I can't view photos on Yahoo Groups to check it is actually there!

Peter Wilson
Shenzhen, Guangdong

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