Re: Affordable (?) 7" Diameter FSL Design

Gary DeBock

Hi Phil,

The 7" FSL (designed for MW coverage) uses 20 turns of the 660/46 Litz
wire, and each turn takes 23" of wire. Ordering 45 feet of the Litz wire should be more than sufficient, assuming that your padding
material does not make your FSL's final diameter much larger than my
model (just under 7"). Please note that my 7" (Affordable) FSL design
uses 660/46 Litz wire from the eBay seller "Mkmak222," and that all the
performance reports and MP3's were based on the use of that high
quality wire. Substitution of lower quality Litz wire may adversly
affect your FSL's performance.

Concerning the delayed completion of the 7.5" Longwave plug-in
loopsticks, I still do plan to complete construction of them all, as
time allows (there is an extreme shortage of free time here,
currently). That particular loopstick model requires both electronic
and power tool construction experience to complete, which is presumably
the reason why no other technician has volunteered to meet the surging
demand. Sorry for the delay, but your loopstick job has not been
forgotten, Phil.

73, Gary

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How much of the 660/46 Litz wire woiuld you estimat you used on the 7"
I am putting together the parts to try my hand at building one. There
are also a few vendors on Ebay selling the wire, any recomendations, or
is there some other place I should be looking?

As to the "funnoodle" thing. Where the heck would one look for that?

BTW. I hope that I am still on your list for a longwave ferrite for the


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