Sunrise DX


Two new stations to report from my SR DXing session. Tnx to a tip from my neighbor, Richard Allen, these two stations were logged even though neither of them was what I was trying to hear. That's cool though, it still gives me two more targets to try for on that same channel! Tnx, Richard!  Logged both these new stations on the T-615/SAT.  I also have an interesting UNID sta posted after these first two loggings:

920, KVIN, Ceres, CA, 1115 UTC, 9/3/11, some totally unexpected IDs and ads were heard 3 different times. I honestly couldn't follow their pgm content. On Topaz they're listed as carrying an adult stnds format.. QRM from one UNID EE Sta, KYFR (IA), KVEL (UT) and one UNID SS sta w/ religious pgm'g. ULR Sta #791-

920, XEQD, Chihuahua, CH, 1200 UTC, 9/3/11, Two XEs here playing the NA near the TOH. Despite their slogans that mention "Radio Noticias", they were playing mostly playing back to back pop mx songs, many of which were old US/British pops from the 1970s. I hrd a full "XEQD de Radio Noticias" ID right after their NA.  Also noted a ment of "Radio Noticias en Cadena." Sta #792  LAm Sta #162-

1110, UNID, 1215 UTC, 9/3/11, carrying a foreign lang pgm which sounded like Pujabi. It sure sounded like one of the Pakistani languages or possibly even Hindi, but I doubt the latter. They were playing recitations which sounded similar to the Islamic call to prayer. Anyone have any ideas who this could be? The only one I find is KLIB, Ventura, CA.

Well duty calls, so that's it from here, my friends.

I hope everyone has a good holidy weekend. I know I'm sure enjoying the beginning of day two of three days off work.

KIirk Allen

Ponca City, OK




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