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I never used the batteries which came with my 310 because, like you, I couldn't figure out which type they were. I just put two fresh alkalines  in it and went from there. My G8 sure doesn't eat batteries the way some things do, so I figure that should be fine. If the manual is correct - not always a good presumption - it won't care if I use the wall wart it came with or the USB cable with the alkalines in it so long as I don't set it to charge - again if I can determine for sure how not to do that...

Sometimes it seems easier to buy alkalines in bulk and keep them around.

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I have two Tecsun radios that allow you to recharge their batteries while still inside the radio ... a PL-310 and a PL-390. Of the two, only the 310 came with batteries. They are Tecsun brand and are labeled "QN1000m." They are green and silver in color. I am guessing they are 1000 mAH because of the label - it is not listed anywhere on the battery itself. I spent a lot of time on the Tecsun website, but couldn't find anything on batteries. Maybe if I were able to read Chinese I could have had better luck ...

I use a wall-wart charger for the 310. Unfortunately, the batteries have stopped holding their charge. Since I bought the 310 from another DX'er, I don't know how old the batteries are.

I bought a set of 1800 mAH Sanyo Eneloop batteries to replace the Tecsun batteries, but they don't charge inside the radio at all! I let them charge overnight and the next morning the radio was dead as a doornail! Afraid I had fried it, I put a set of alkaline batteries in and the radio worked just fine! Whew!

Is there an upper mAH limit over which the Tecsun built-in charging circuitry will not work? I know my Eneloop batteries are good because I put them in my Eneloop charger, charged them up, and am using them in my Sangean DT-400W.

Someone on this list mentioned that he preferred Powerex rechargeables. Any particular reason why? Do they work better in Tecsun portables with the recharging circuitry?

Thanks for any help you can give!

73 & Good DX'ing,

Steve Ponder, N5WBI

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