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I have both the Roberts Sports 925 and the R9924, both of which are, in my opinion, *excellent* LW performers. Of all the radios I own, including the larger ones (ATS909, PL660), they are the best on LW and I recommend them to anyone interested in ULR LW DX-ing. From my location in The Netherlands, I hear BBC4, RTE Ireland, Germany, France, Monaco in the daytime. Poland, The Chech Republic and Algeria are clear at night. They're built like a tank, and not very expensive.


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I have a Sports 925, which is average on MW and LW -
not least due to short ferrite, alignment and tracking
issues. An external inductively coupled ferrite or loop
helps, of course. Nominally, it covers 150-280kHz and
530-1710kHz. The chip is the ubiquitous CXA1619BM,
the data sheet of which is easily searched. I have not been
able to locate the R925 schematic on the net. I am curious
about the configuration of the MW and LW windings and switching.

If anyone has found the R925 schematic, please post a link!

Michael UK

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There are a few UK radios that, on paper, may well qualify as ULRs and which have LW coverage. The
Roberts (Sangean) R9924, Sports 925 and Sports 994, and the "Steepletone Mw/Lw/Fm Sports Receiver
Pocket Radio", were all spotted on just now. They are all analog sets, so while one
could fine tune them, knowing what frequency you are on could be a challenge. Also, I presume that
they could be easily re-aligned to provide coverage at least into the 300+ kHz range for beacons.

The Roberts Sports 988 looks like a Sangean DT200 with LW, so digital but likely with 9 khz tuning
steps and strictly limited to 153-279 khz.

Do any of you in the UK have any experience with these sets???

Kevin S

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