Re: TECSUN 310/380 and coupling

You could always build your own loop, once you have a good 365pf capacitor, which from is only $10.95. make it as big or small as you want. In the files section under Air core loop antennas, the first one is a pdf of various dimensions and db gain of antennas built. They were using a GE Super Radio 3 for the test, I would think they would show a lot more improvement on a UL. I have built a couple, I love em. building a 2ft sided one right now. Plus I think for the money, building your own over buying one is cheaper and you get a lot more out of it, money and performance wise. If you get a capacitor out of a old radio somewhere, you could almost build em for free.

Ginger OKC

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Hi ULR enthusiasts,

What is the easiest and cheapest way of improving MW performance of these ULR (barefoot units) without modifying the radio itself, using coupling method ?

I was about to make a test with my Wellbrook ALA-1530 loop, but I thought it could damage this antenna. Has anyone already made a test with this loop ?

What about the Quantum Stick+ ? It seems quite effective.
Any experience here with a PL 310/380 ?


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