Re: Puyallup, WA Ultralight DU Audio-- 738-2NR

Kevin Schanilec

Good catch on 738, Gary. Being 40 or so miles away, I seem to be in something of a dead zone for TPs, although I think I was packing up about the time you heard 738, so perhaps I should not be so hasty!

Kevin S

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Hello All,

This morning must have been an unusually good one for Australian
signals out on the coast, since some extremely rare DU audio was heard
even in this landlocked location (and the first audio ever from an
Australian station here).

It seemed like another mediocre TP morning around 1310 with just a few
seconds of audio from the Asiatic regulars like 594-JOAK and 1566-HLAZ,
but there was a strong 738 kHz heterodyne on the ICF-2010 spotting
receiver around 1320, and it was nulling toward the South Pacific. I
assumed that it was Tahiti (heard rarely here, with occasional audio)
but when tuned in on the PL-380 Ultralight (assisted by a tiny 7" FSL
antenna), the speech was DU English, and I recognized the male and
female voices as the ABC announcers that I frequently hear during
summer beach DXing in Oregon

After checking around for some more DU action I noticed that both
774-3LO and 1116-4BC (presumed) had modest audio here, but both
frequencies are extremely noisy with splatter in Puget Sound, and there
was no way to record the signals. 657 also had some weak music from the
South Pacific direction around 1330 (presumed to be Southern Star from
New Zealand), but it faded quickly. The Asiatic TP's were pretty
anemic, so it was fun to have some unexpected excitement from the South
Pacific this morning. Guy Atkins (on the South Hill part of Puyallup)
usually has a lot more South Pacific propagation than I do, and
738-2NR in Grafton, Australia was a new DX country at this mediocre
location (and also the most distant medium wave station ever heard on
Ultralights here in Puyallup, at 7,459 miles/ 12,003 km).

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock

Barefoot Tecsun PL-380 + 7 inch "Affordable" FSL model

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