Re: TECSUN 310/380 and coupling

Kevin Schanilec

Hi Pat:

If you put a ferrite or air-core coupler on the output of the ALA-1530, and don't get too close to the PL-310/380 (which may otherwise overload), that should work fairly well. I can't see how the ALA-1530 would be damaged: my Wellbrook FLG-100 output couples well this way. There is an article in the Files section, Folder #5, "Antenna Couplers.pdf" which has some suggestions on how to couple external antennas to Ultralights.

It may be easier to get a Grundig/Tecsun AN-200, Terk AM Advantage, or other similar product. These 9-inch or so tuned loops work quite well. Of course, you have to re-tune them as you skip throughout the band, unlike the ALA-1530 which is broadband.

I have the Quantum Stick, and it is a great little unit, but really doesn't seem to do much for Tecsun DSP Ultralights. The tuned front end of the DSP radios resists the influence of weaker antennas like the Quantum Stick, and you need something around the size of the Terk or bigger, at least in my experience. The Quantum Stick works well with many non-DSP sets, though.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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Hi ULR enthusiasts,

What is the easiest and cheapest way of improving MW performance of these ULR (barefoot units) without modifying the radio itself, using coupling method ?

I was about to make a test with my Wellbrook ALA-1530 loop, but I thought it could damage this antenna. Has anyone already made a test with this loop ?

What about the Quantum Stick+ ? It seems quite effective.
Any experience here with a PL 310/380 ?


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