DX for 2-Sept from NW Washington

Kevin Schanilec

Hi all:

I managed to get up even earlier today, and while the LW and MW broadcast stations from across the Pacific Ocean were quite timid this morning, the North American beacons were were not shy at all. I managed to log ten(!) new ones with my 12-inch dual-band FSL:

20110902-0523 219 GAV Gustavus, AK
20110902-0525 222 WY Wrigley, NT
20110902-0533 266 SL Salem, OR
20110902-0552 373 MF Medford, OR
20110902-0452 386 HAU Helena, MT
20110902-0454 388 3Z Taber , AB
20110902-0500 402 M3 Kindersley, SK
20110902-0502 404 OLF Wolf Point, MT
20110902-0504 405 9G Sundre, AB
20110902-0558 515 CL Port Angeles, WA
20110902-0510 526 RWE Camp Roberts, CA

It was fairly warm for mornings here, with no dew, which was quite nice. This brings me to 136 total LW loggings (131 beacons and 5 LWBC).

I briefly checked the Russian Radio Rossii stations on 153/180/189/234/279, and they were doing OK, but not as good as yesterday. The couple times I ventured into the MW band, using a Sony 7600GR as a spotter, I found only some very weak hets on 738, 747 and a few others, so I spent almost the entire time below 530 khz. I did notice some RF noise coming from the ferry maintenance yard a hundred yards or so away, so I may have to find a different spot in the park :-(

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA
Tecsun PL-380 (stock), 12-inch FSL

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