Re: Longwave Question

Kevin Schanilec

There are a few UK radios that, on paper, may well qualify as ULRs and which have LW coverage. The Roberts (Sangean) R9924, Sports 925 and Sports 994, and the "Steepletone Mw/Lw/Fm Sports Receiver Pocket Radio", were all spotted on just now. They are all analog sets, so while one could fine tune them, knowing what frequency you are on could be a challenge. Also, I presume that they could be easily re-aligned to provide coverage at least into the 300+ kHz range for beacons.

The Roberts Sports 988 looks like a Sangean DT200 with LW, so digital but likely with 9 khz tuning steps and strictly limited to 153-279 khz.

Do any of you in the UK have any experience with these sets???

Kevin S

--- In, D1028Gary@... wrote:

<<< My question is this: What small radio (not necessarily UL) is
best at un-modified LW DX ? I think I would love to hit one of the
Eastern beaches one night and see what I can get. I really don't have
the time to build an antenna at the moment. >>>

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