Hard To Get Foam For FSL Construction Projects


I hope to construct a small FSL and likely a future one, but I've had major problems trying to locate 2 Items re Steve's & Gary's Affordable FSL Designs, described in detail in the Photos Section. The hard to get items are:

1) Oatley 4 X 4 Inch Foam Closet spacer Foam is just not available anywhere in Canada. It is available at Home Depot USA / 60 to a Box, but NOT in Canada. I contacted Oatey Head Office in Brampton, Ontario today and even though this product is made in Canada its NOT available - only for the USA market? Go figure!! I was going to try small Bubble wrap available here at many Stores, but Steve Ratzlaff had informed me that Bubble Wrap is likely too uneven.

2) 3 Inch soft Foam Insulation - not available, biggest sizes available are 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch 3 foot tubes up to 1 inch in Diameter.

Any help in trying to locate these items OR paying postage to have them sent to me would be very much appreciated.


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