Re: A New Antenna Lights Station this evening

ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

A 2nd Antenna Light heard this evening [8/31/2011] while at the picnic table in back yard. Under WELI 960 I can sometimes hear R.Reloj from Cuba, tonite instead were two faint and clear calls for WHYL at 20:15 EDT. Upon lookup, this appears to be after local sunset, so the entry is logged at 22 Watts from Carlisle, PA. Not a strong signal at all, weak, but there and intelligible. Seems OK.

960 WHYL Carlisle, PA 22 Watts at 385.6 km (17.53 km/W)
Station #506 Antenna Lights #30 Scoring #72 at 6584 points

Paul S. in CT

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Tuning around the dial tonite listening to ball games and dialed into 1250 briefly. Usually WMTR here playing oldies,and did hear it. After a few moments I got a clear and weak call during a pause for WLEM. Upon lookup WLEM is running 30 Watts at night from Emporium, PA. The distance is 442.25km. That works out to about 14.75 km/W and scores over 7000 points for the log. Nothing much else heard besides the Call Sign that was certain. Time of day was 20:38 EDT using the PL-210 on Alkalines due to Irene.

WLEM is station #503 and Antenna Lights #29, ranking as DX #65 of 80 by score.

Also heard tonite was WNBF 1290 b'cast minor-league baseball, and WCCW 1310 (presumed) as ESPN.

Paul S. in CT

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