Regional DX continues


Good conditions continued on 8/22 and 8/24. I changed the direction of the BOG about 20 degrees further north – towards Michigan and Iowa and it really paid off during the sunset hours. The big national stations were giving way to the regional stations which were coming in strong.
The radios used are 2 PL-380's and a PL-310. The antennas are a 500 foot BOG, 7.5 inch ferrite and a crate loop respectively. All station ID's were recorded and saved as MP3's. The times are CDST.
On 8/22/11:
1590 khz. WTVB Coldwater, MI. 1854pm. "AM 1590 WTVB." Got lucky here as the ID rose out of the jumble and then faded out.

1370 khz. WGHN Grand Haven, MI. 1900pm. "…along with Bret Haven and …
1370 ESPN WGHN AM Grand Haven MI." (Rx#2)

1520 khz. WHOW Clinton, IL. 1910pm. "On the big 1520 AM, 92.3 FM WHOW and 1520 WHOW Clinton, and translator 92.3W222BG Clinton and Clinton Cable channel 13." (RX#3)

1360 khz. KMJM Cedar Rapids, IA. 1955pm. "Classic country AM 1360 KMJM Cedar Rapids." (RX#2)

1410 khz. WNWZ Grand Rapids, MI. 1958pm. Spanish speaking station but ID in English. "You're listening to WNWZ Grand Rapids and WLHTHD2 Grand Rapids." (RX#1)

990 khz. WDEO Yrsilanti, MI. 2000pm. "…Catholic radio … 990 WDEO … and … them at…" (RX#2)

1270 khz. WKBF Rock Island, IL. 2009pm. In Spanish – "Este es W-K-B-F … radio. La voz de la munda." (RX#3)

On 8/24/11:
1240 khz. KODY North Platte, NE. 0600am. "News talk 1240 KODY North Platte." This one was deep in the jumble but the ID was understandable. On GY channels any low level ID is only acceptable if it is a 100 percent match – as this one was. (RX#1)

1310 khz. WCCW Traverse City, MI. 1858pm. Baseball broadcast. "We pause now for station identification. You're listening to Detroit Tigers baseball, 1310 ESPN radio WCCW AM Traverse City." (RX#1)

1240 khz. WSDR Sterling, IL. 1900pm. "For information you need every day, WSDR Sterling." (RX#3)

1480 khz. WSDS Salem Township, MI. 2000pm. A Spanish speaking station. Spanish music then an overlay of "WSDS family…" in English. (RX#1)

1580khz. KREL Colorado Springs, CO. 2100pm. "AM 1380. It's the home of Business talk in Colorado. KREL, Colorado Springs." Never expected this one but it is in the direction of the BOG. (RX#1)

My totals are now at 685 stations, 40 states, 6 provinces, 4 countries and 39 graveyard.

Ed Semrad
Lake Villa, IL

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