Hurricane Irene Dxing on SONY ICF-S22-FARMERIK


I ignored all the stations I recognized right away, but logged these. I used a PL-600 to find the frequency the little S-22 was tuned to, and then shut it off, and set it aside. Both were operated barefoot, no nearby loops.

I am in Northeast Connecticut, about in the center of the 3 Southern New England states of MA RI and CT.

550 WDEV Waterbury VT - This was coming in very well, and is a relog. Normally this station is very weak and maybe 200 miles or more north of me. Listed as 5KW Days and only 1 KW nights. I suspect they were still on daytime power since the signal was so strong, and they were giving detailed storm info for all or northern VT, NH and parts of NY and ME. There was a lot of flooding and danger in the area they were reporting about it.

This was coming in much stronger than 560, which should be WHYN from Springfield MA, only about 20 miles from me. In fact more distant stations on 560 from Maine and probably the one from NY were stronger, and WHYN may not have even been on the air.

1150 WDEL Wilmington Delaware. This is new to my ULR log, 5KW D/N with a directional pattern. It must be at least few hundred miles from my CT location. so it is a good catch.

I camped out on 1260 where a few stations were fading in and out. I believe the strongest was C&W on CKHJ from Frederickton NB, a relog. I could also hear a Radio Disney station on a NW/SE axis, which from here would be southern Rhode Island or far eastern Long Island to my SE or western MA or Upstate NY to my NW. I could not find any likely matches, anyone have any ideas for me?


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