Re: the UAE on my ULR !!

robert ross

On 2011-08-30, at 5:30 PM, patrice privat wrote:


Me again, with good news !

My barefoot Tecsun PL-380 at 2120 UTC with Radio Farda in Farsi, numerous ID's, pop music (Village People's "In the Navy" ! ).

I have to calculate the QRB between Beauvais and Al Dhabbiya !!

Frequency : 1314 khz



  Congratulations on all of your recent DX Catches with the Tecsun PL-380!! I'm glad to hear you are having FUN with your New ULR!! Also nice to see all of the Great Loggings you are making with it!! Keep Loggin' em Patrice and Keep having FUN!!

73.....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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