ULR report


More of the Tecsun PL-380 which did me the nice surprise to catch TABRIZ on 1026 khz !!
First time here !!
No offense meant, but Spain should reduce its MW activity, they're everywhere !!
BTW all "various" entries (several transmitters) will count only once, therefore RNE5 and RNE1, and COPE and SER will count as one, except in these (very few frequencies) where I can surely pinpoint a specific transmitter site.
I could select the most powerful TX for each "various" frequencies, but it would not do as sometimes the weak outperform the strong !!
Good Night Irene/Pat

990 SER, Various,E,Spanish

999 COPE Madrid,E,Spanish

999 RAI1 Various,I,Italian

1008 SER,Various, E,Spanish

1017 RNE5 Various,E, Spanish

1026 SER,Various, E,Spanish

1026 IRIB Tabriz, IRN,Farsi

1026 BBC Cambridgeshire,Chesterton Fen, G,English

1044 SER Various,E,Spanish

1053 Talksport,Various, G,English

1062 RAI1, Various,I,Italian

1080 SER Various, E,Spanish

1089 Talksport, Various, G,English

1107 RNE5 Various,E,Spanish

1116 SER,Various, E,Spanish

1116 RAI1,Various,I,Italian

1125 RNE5,Various,E,Spanish

1134 Hrvatski Radio,Zadar,HRV,Croatian

1143 COPE,Various,E,Spanish

1152 RNE5,Various,E,Spanish

1161 Classic Gold,Swindon,G,English

1170 Classic Gold,Ipswich,G,English

1170 Capodistria,Beli Kriz,SVN,Italian

1179 SER,Various,E,Spanish

1179 Macedonias 2,Thessaloniki,GRC,Greek

1188 MDR Info,Goerlitz,D,German

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