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around 11pm local time, say 2100 zulu.
Syria pops up on 783 then, Iran on 1512, sometimes 1503.
Egypt on 819,Arabia on 1521,...
and it's as barefoot as you can be, no change whatsoever to the factory thing.
BTW, following my dear colleagues' advice,I checked all the files explaining how to switch to a longer Ferrite and installing an external aerial port to my PL-380, I still claim that you gotta be good at DIY to do that, and I certainly won't risk my 49.90 euros worth RX by opening its belly with a screwdriver.
so I think that the solution is to kkep it as it is, really barefoot (let's call it Sore Feet) ; that's what our friendly couple does at Bristol's Hope, and they seem to do well..
unless you point me to a file I have overlooked and a way to boost my PL380 WITHOUT solding, coiling, switching Ferrites, you name it...
I tried to place it inside my Loop (Wellbrook ALA1530) to see if it gained something in terms of either nulling power or sensitivity, nothing happened.
I indeed find the 380 weakish after sunrise is past compared to a higher class RX as the old Panasonic RFB45, I could hear Dutch and German stations in the broad day light, long after they were gone from the Tecsun, but still for a receiver so tiny, it performs damn well.
I tried the tropical bands too and it's good, Radio Clube do Para on 4885 coming nicely at sunrise.
Cheers lads

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Great catch but what time was the station logged ?

There is a lots of Europe between us and Iran so any assistance is helpful !


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